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Topic subjectI Got it! (*light bulb goes off above head*)
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184034, I Got it! (*light bulb goes off above head*)
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Fri Apr-17-09 05:55 PM
lets shout...maybe he'll hear?....*SHOUTS AS LOUD AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE*...WHATS UP D??!?!?!?! ... ARE YOU DOING OKAY DOWN THERE IN RAY RAY'S STUDIO!!?!?!?!? ... ANYTHING NEW HAPPENING???!!!??? ... HOWS THE WEATHER???!!!!???

ok that should work i figure...

I'm gonna regret this post tommorow cuzz I "sound" like a douch but eff it...i'm tired of all this shitty music coming out!

Only record i'm excited about right now is Black Summers Night (7/7/09) and the new Roots record...
and Com needs to work with Randy Watson...and so does Sly...and whens the J Legend record gonna drop?

Anyone out there listening/reading *MEGA SUPER GIANT REVERB SOUND*