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Topic subjectRE: Okay folks. Lets not drop the ball. D'Angelo Updates?
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183885, RE: Okay folks. Lets not drop the ball. D'Angelo Updates?
Posted by Natural Mystic, Sun Apr-12-09 09:00 AM

thanks for this. this sounds fairly accurate, since someone told me the same thing about him and him and mike walsh.

he hasnt been on tour in a while or been in the spotlight in a while.
i can understand the apprehension.
i just hope that doesnt stop him.

>Someone who's close to D'Angelo told me that the new album is
>almost done; final touches are being put on the record.
>Physically he's well, mentally he's trying to get himself
>together so that he can try to pursue his music career
>further. It seems he does not feel ready yet. Currently, he's
>touring from city to city with Michael Walsh (a track star)
>promoting high and middle schoolers to dream big.
>This is just what I've heard, I don't know if any of this is
>reliable info. If anyone can confirm it or add something more
>it would be appreciated.