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Topic subjectNYC: Peter Rosenberg Presents "Noisemakers" with ?uestlove
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182497, NYC: Peter Rosenberg Presents "Noisemakers" with ?uestlove
Posted by Shamz, Tue Feb-10-09 02:03 PM

We seem to be hitting y'all with some must-attend events every week at this point. This week will be no different as this Wednesday (2/11) Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg will be bringing y'all the latest edition of his Noisemakers series, this time featuring ?uestlove. It will be a night of music and conversation with famed musician, journalist and producer ?uesto. The night will also include Qool DJ Uncle Q on the 1s and 2s, and the Jazz Hip-Hop fusion band, Igmar Thomas and The Cypher, who will perform a tribute to ?uesto's music. OKP will be in the house, and if you're in the NYC area you should be too. It's goin' down at the 92Y Tribeca, ticket info here. Follow me after the jump to hear some words from Peter Rosenberg himself describing the event he calls "a Hip-Hop version of Inside the Actor's Studio."