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Topic subjectJurnee pt. I / Jurnee pt. II
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182512, Jurnee pt. I / Jurnee pt. II
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 05:58 PM

i'll say that the two people that i will feel for the most if barack loses will be kal penn (harold and kumar fame) and jurn.

those two campaign so hard for him i would be none surprised if they both ran for office in 2024.

she singlehandedly started my real career in the world of politics.
i made some comment on how i want to live up to my rep and really do more politically based things but had no clue on how to start.

she laughed.
told me to pick her up at 4.



we been going at it for rack for the last 8 months. both together and separate. initially i wanted to do laymen work: make calls, get sandwiches, pass flyers, register people.---not the celeb tv/radio shit....

well all that changed 3 weeks ago. she told me i was speaking in the inner city to the youth about registering (she has that rudy "buuuud" shit going on where she TELLS you what you are going to do and like a dummy you be on some "how high?!" shit.---

i mean she dont know philly dont fuck with us, nor the hood, or kids.....she was like "these are your points *cracks whip* STUDY! *cracks whip* we getting up at 9 dont be online all night cause we got troops to recruit!


much like her character on GDs jurn that whole day would be on some MLK/X jesse shit:

grabbing the mic and screaming like a preacher:

ladies and gentlemen we ARE in a state of emergency (sista soljahs voice)
our brothers and sisters are falling by the wayside!!!!
(preach sista)
these republicans dont care about you!!!!!!
dont care about me!!!
*well well!!!*
dont care about yo momma!!!!
*yes sista!!!*
this is THE MOST crucial time ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!!!!
(twinny twin twiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!)

--after that 10 minutes fired up speech then she be like "AND NOW A FEW WORDS FROM THE BROTHER, MR QUESTLOVE OF PHILADELPHIA'S ROOTS CREW!!!!! GIVE IT UP!!



"um....(this thing on?)....um....what she said...."


Jurnee pt. II

i forgot!!!

my best jurn story was

AFTER campaigning in cali at venice.

we drove to orange county to catch No Country For Old Men (only theater in town playing it)

after the flick we went to Borders to get some books and stuff.

i got a call from my manager and it looked like it was going to be a lengthy convo.... so i pulled over and took the call cause i didn't wanna get pulled over for talking on the phone while driving.

wasn't no rap. we talked about the grammy jam and i said i'd hit him up when i got to room.

well...two secs later flashing lights.

these fuckers drew their guns and told both she and i to get out the car.---jurn tried to turn her hidden video camera on but wasn't quick enough....

so here we are....

sprawled out on out car hood like cuba gooding in boyz in the hood i was like "oh my god.....we are dead.....or better yet I AM DEAD cause if her oldest bro catches wind of this HE is gonna kill me.

they put us both in the back of the paddy wagon while they searched my car left and right.

we are actually laughing at the irony of this situation.

then....our wrost nightmare.

they tried to open the trunk:

?: jurn.....what is the likely hood that the cops are going to believe that all those psychology books and the scrabble game is ours?

j: good question, its not like they believe that blacks like a mini coop.

?: god, for my sake i pray they dont go in that trunk....or we are DEAD.

---they tried for 5 mns and gave up.

let us go afterwards. tried to explain that i pulled over at a mini coop dealership so naturally they thought i stole it.

that whole ride was silent on the way back.

THAT is when i decided to do something about it and campaign for barack.