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182508, Ben Harper
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 05:41 PM

ben thinks im shady.
the real magic behind the superjam of 2005 with harper, john paul and me was that we literally rehearsed 3 hours before hitting.
i didn't call him back during the months i should've.

i would like to add he had the advantage for it was his crew and his gear and his people and essentially his producer (jpj) at hand.

so i was the odd guy out.

so thinking it was a "jam" in the spirit of a "jam" that was like the one i did at bonneroo the year before with pino and herbie. i brought some cats: namely kirk.

but of course this was not a jam made to appease me. I was invited and kirk was mos def a problemo.

i pitched a mini fit and kirk was allowed to do the encore.

but i felt some sort of way cause its like ben's guy was on the soundboard (a FIRST for me) and ben controlled the songbook (a first for me) and all my ideas were shutdown.

and since we were doing zep, i now had the pressure of being john bonham.

so it was high pressure. but i pulled through and the shit wound up being the best shit ever.

top 10 career moment.