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182506, Jay-Z
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 05:34 PM

to tell you the truth.....

the funniest gutbusting moments tween him and i occur on AIM or phone texting.--

i dunno...

he is painfully normal....he is just a mega icon. none of my in person stories are amazing.....they more like....

?: *at rehearsals eating oreos.....
j: dag man....you went to the store and didn't offer to share oreos?
?: *gives that lamont you big dummy look* (we do this ALL the time)---hands bag over---
j: ahhhhhhhhh.... (like the victory fist pump radio raheem did after he won the sound battle of the box on do the right thing)

---the texted shit can damn near be a comedy book especially after my disapproval of the chick saying "oh....my....god.....hov" on kingdom comes first cut.

but all of our exchanges from dec 2001 to now are some funny shits if read aloud.---

the best being the "super ugly" exchange the night he recorded it.