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182491, Andre3000
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 03:08 AM
dre told me a beautifully disgusting story of being in the room alone with erykah giving birth to 7.

so i asked "but that entire summer on tour she was drinking mad wheatgrass and okra"

"dawg....owwll that sheeeit came gushing out"

wait...you mean you were....

"manye this hea wasn't no tv birth.....this was the real shit...literally..."

*me about to url

"man i saw the baby's head and then she just....

shat on me....."

oh god nevermind man im too squimish---

"naw man....i mean you don't think about that when you giving birth....all that disgusting stuff....it was worth it man. that was the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me....shit and all...."