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182487, Al Green
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 02:57 AM
im wild.

i do NOT like al's delivery on "im wild".

i like calm al.
screaming raspy al.----although i will make an exception for the title track cause it was day one and was off the top and we were on the edge of our seats with the end (put ya.......SHHHHoes!!" hahah)

but he had gotten comfortable with this new voice and i didn't like it.

but telling him that is a whole nother thing.

we all have to have meetings like "who gonna be the bad guy?"

so we let rich be the bad guy.

but al had his own agenda and decided DAMNIT AL GONE DO WHAT AL GONE DO....THIS IS MY VOICE!

sure enough a simple request brought up old demons (he is scared of cee lo and "crazy" and is mad that we would even ask him to sing such a song)--so its quite clear he just wants to be contrary.

so we say "session done" start packing.

al dont like that.....he wants us to squirm and crawl but you cant out reverse psych us......we invented that shit.

so now he really mad....

uh huh....see....see!!!! if yall motherfuckas put them god damn um um......computers away.....and and and concentrate on the job at hand and do YOUR JOB....and stop worrying about MY JOB you would see that all would fit into uh uh uh uh place!!!!---cause there is only one al green!!!! you go head and sing the part since you think its so easy!!!!"

your right al.

im wrong.....and sorry...

(gets madder!!)

"well next time leave them damn computers alone!!! we dont need that there naw anyhow!!!!!!!!!!"

--cool al.....


this by 3 years and that was the lay it down sessions.