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182486, Alicia Keys
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 02:52 AM
remember the "double trouble" story from TFA?
talib and mos?---actually scratch that....peep the homegrown story.
mos was being mos---late and somehow talib (unknown to me back then im sorry lol) managed to spit a verse on this song without my knowledge.

so the cats cussed me out cause instead of "messing around with dange'NO i shoulda been in the C room telling kweli he can't be on the song."

dangeNO was not D.

dangeNO was that light skinned chick im always up under in the A room of battery studios.

i had met rapheal s's longtime engineer Gerry during the "what they do" sessions. we got mad cool. so about a year later i saw some xmas lights in a box with some very specific decor that i remembered but couldn't quite place.

so i asked the receptionist "who is in A?" she said the name and i laughed cause damn that sounded like a pretentious ass name.---but i saw the session sheet and it hit me!

those are the same xmas lights that gerry used in his bay area studio!!!!!!!

sure enough there was his name.

so i walked in



daps and pounds....*

we talked and talked and talked.....

and then....

(simpsons harp)

she walked in.

(auuuuuuuuuuuwww----the sim....p....sonsssss.........*harp*)

"hey ahmir....met alish....


i won't get into specifics.....but i pretty much neglected the things fall apart album for about 2 weeks cause i was always in her room. picking her brain.....talking about music....and our new favorite discovery of 98: KRISPY KREAMES!


the mix was horrid.

kweli had managed to spit a verse.

i didn't care if mos showed up or not.

i had neglected the highlight of TFA over a chick.

this lasted for about 3 weeks and i just KNEW i was in.....

then.....she mentioned a boyfriend.

3 hour calls turned into "i'll call you back"....

until the fadeout.

i guess now i can also say that she was artist number one in the homegrown vol 2 track 4 story.

we saw each other at Fela 2 weeks back.

it just hit me that we actually were great pals at one point.

guess im the bad guy in this story huh?