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182484, Bilal
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 02:44 AM
the story of sometimes

decided due to deadline and the only time i got off from touring that we will do his song that night.

we come up with nothing.

3 hours go by.

carmen comes on tv and we start clowning com who SWORE he was gonna come up in ghostwriting that jawn and star in it and maybe romance you know who.

but doctor you know who wound up staring in that film and wound up courting (if for a while) you know who from that flick.

so we was clowning him on the phone.

and then we did the ultimate.....

i started playing "umi says"

james started playing "bills bills bills" and bilal started singing about how mos stole com's fire, role and girl.

--then we was onto something 7 minutes in.

i told engineer run the 2 inch tape.

and then song is as is you hear it on tape.

he fixed about 4 lines....but he freestyled most of that shit.