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182480, Chad Hugo
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 02:33 AM
dec 31 2003

the roots come to va to get two joints from the tunes.
we actually work on the beat that is beyonce's "green light".
chad is next door working on what will soon be "ride around shinnin'" with the clipse.

i tell rell
"i want a jawn with some crazy jeru noise shit like THAT shit" (the song has an open piano swirl)---

so chad hears the shit we working on and then he gets an idea...

grabs his horn....
and he does the same 4 horn squeals that tribe did on the "can i kick it" remix....


he invited me to the room while riq wrote to the beat--played me new nerd and clipse and kenna shit.

i wound up drumming on 3 joints.

he was amazed i did them shits for free.