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182476, Dave Chappelle
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Feb-10-09 12:39 AM

the week after the prince bball ep of chapelle came on. p invited dave to his post rock n roll hall of fame after jawn. since i was working on the show dave let me tag with him and neal. they were so amped that prince invited em i didn't have the heart to tell em the 1984 cat they idolize will not be in attendance. so while in the elevator to his hotel i tried to give em the 30 second crash course.

once i mentioned p being a JW ---the laughter lasted for like 14 seconds... which was a time waster cause i didn't wanna say nothing once we went in the hallway (p usually got security in the hall and i didnt want it to look like i was talking shit) so i was like "dog dont cuss, dont ask to drink nothing, its gonna be real tense and uptight, we should just say hi and leave.....oh and another thing (the door opens---mind you my back is turned cause im trying to talk as fast as i can so we dont look uncomfortable)....

"and what is that ahmir?"

---there was no hallway..

(the door opened right in p's living room and i was none the wiser)

---i turned around and almost jumped out my skin.

a room with about 10 jw's in a circle quietly waiting for me to answer P's question.

*dave saves the day

"he told us that you will NOT make us pancakes!!!"



then laughter......