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Topic subjectmyoshs.com - Designer fashion. Cheap prices! SALE until 2/15/09
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182407, myoshs.com - Designer fashion. Cheap prices! SALE until 2/15/09
Posted by jnewmen, Thu Feb-05-09 10:59 PM


http://myoshs.com - We're back and better then ever! Grand Reopening! A Completely new layout and feel! Fixed minor bugs, better load time and some new additions to the line up. To celebrate this grand reopening, we have our "The After Christmas Sale" which extends to Feb. 15th 2009. Thousands of clothes, kicks, and bags to choose from with names such as evisu, gucci, prada, louis vuttion, ed hardy, fendi, true religion, nike at ridiculously low wholesale prices!! World Wide Shipping Express!