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Topic subjectCan I find it a bit troubling that there's no white OK Artists???
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182351, Can I find it a bit troubling that there's no white OK Artists???
Posted by ChuloMike, Wed Feb-04-09 11:13 AM
Cuz I do... I mean, what gives?
182354, yes there is
Posted by Gangsta Mittens, Wed Feb-04-09 12:27 PM
182355, RE: yes there is
Posted by dillagent, Wed Feb-04-09 12:44 PM
yeah Amy Winehouse... can't get much whiter than that (voice excluded of course) and she's jewish (or of jewish descent) so there's two diversity birds killed with one stone
182356, They're pushing Exile alot.
Posted by The A to the Z, Wed Feb-04-09 01:11 PM
He's a White dude.

Dunno if he's an Okayplayer Artist per se, though.
182377, rjd2 and evidence i think is white or mixed.
Posted by Pkjr703, Thu Feb-05-09 09:17 AM
but even if they didnt have anyone white, so what?
182404, what about Lenny Flynt?
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Thu Feb-05-09 08:48 PM
182381, Why troubling? Inform n/m
Posted by johnbook, Thu Feb-05-09 09:53 AM



ABB: http://www.allmanbrothersband.com/index.php?vst=45730
182382, RE: Can I find it a bit troubling that there's no white OK Artists???
Posted by Names, Thu Feb-05-09 10:17 AM
prolific shock poster, move along
182390, if there weren't
Posted by apicturesworth, Thu Feb-05-09 01:23 PM
no you could not.
182393, Nope. Fuck em.
Posted by Airbreed, Thu Feb-05-09 01:46 PM
182395, ha!
Posted by kelvinmercerlookalike, Thu Feb-05-09 02:03 PM


word booty.




182436, fuck yacubian ass crackers.
Posted by justin_scott, Sat Feb-07-09 08:42 PM
182452, there is a white root
Posted by lazyboi, Sun Feb-08-09 06:33 PM

-------be a better friend to someone this year
182460, the Roots have a white person in the group
Posted by las raises, Mon Feb-09-09 01:05 AM
182462, your bullshit really only works in general
Posted by shockzilla, Mon Feb-09-09 10:22 AM