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Topic subject*Audio: Aceyalone "The Way It Was" feat. Bionik
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182332, *Audio: Aceyalone "The Way It Was" feat. Bionik
Posted by Shamz, Tue Feb-03-09 01:47 PM

Straight off the heels of 2007's Lightning Strikes, Aceyalone's ode to his love for Caribbean music, comes the second installment in this OkayArtist's creative series of genre-specific tributes. Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones (street date March 31) boasts a full big-band sound that authentically draws from Doo-Wop, Blues and Funk inspired by Phil Spector's "Wall Of Sound," 60s girl groups, and the J.B.s. As with Lightning Strikes, the Freestyle Fellowship veteran once again teamed up with producer/singer/songwriter Bionik to painstakingly re-create the sound and feel of a long-gone era and augmented with modern flourishes. The result is an album that simultaneously looks forward and back for inspiration. We've heard it and think you will agree that these guys GO IN. Check out the first leak from the album in this Okayplayer exclusive.