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Topic subjectVH-1's Soulstage - The Roots
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182167, VH-1's Soulstage - The Roots
Posted by Airbreed, Sun Jan-25-09 07:31 PM
the seed 2.0
i can understand it
the next movement
rising up (w/ chrisette michelle & wale)
be ok
you got me

...yeah. thass whassup.

182168, great look 'breed!
Posted by Scrapluv, Sun Jan-25-09 07:41 PM
182170, thank you.
Posted by Clark Kent, Sun Jan-25-09 10:06 PM
182171, impressive
Posted by rick, Mon Jan-26-09 03:00 AM
182172, Great ! Thanks a lot.
Posted by soulhoper, Mon Jan-26-09 06:16 AM
182182, My Man, good looks.
Posted by Wordman, Mon Jan-26-09 04:34 PM

"Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for you to understand." Saul Williams
182193, much appreciated!
Posted by reuser, Tue Jan-27-09 03:59 AM

thank you!
182198, wish it was an hour
Posted by Rockscissorspaper, Tue Jan-27-09 02:23 PM
great show, though
182239, Thanks man
Posted by Raised under Reagan, Thu Jan-29-09 10:58 PM