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Topic subjectIs this a soulquarians session???...goodness!!!
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182071, Is this a soulquarians session???...goodness!!!
Posted by beatgooch, Mon Jan-19-09 08:10 PM
sounds like more than Jay just choppin wax...this joint changes like 5 times. Cats is changin chords n shit. I recognize the opening from Com's joint(film called pimp).

anyone willing to share...knowledge...uuhh...download maybe?
check it here
182072, god that sounds like ?uest
Posted by PungeePyPy, Mon Jan-19-09 09:46 PM
damn!! thanks for posting
182074, that's the macy gray "i try" remix
Posted by rl9, Tue Jan-20-09 04:36 AM
can't tell you if it's only dilla or other soulquarians involved. my 12" doesn't have liners and you know how that goes anyway...
182114, This Dilla instrumental is really nice.
Posted by westloop, Wed Jan-21-09 11:42 AM
Was it on the wax? Care to share?
182115, shit this is good
Posted by monk hughes, Wed Jan-21-09 12:24 PM
If this was the "I Try" remix, is the instrumental available anywhere (on a single or something)?
182127, RE: shit this is good
Posted by rl9, Thu Jan-22-09 09:09 AM
>If this was the "I Try" remix, is the instrumental available
>anywhere (on a single or something)?
yes, this was released on 12".
182199, thought i heard d'angelo "unh"
Posted by gaa700, Tue Jan-27-09 02:57 PM
coulda just been a sample of him
or he coulda been playing keys
182220, RE: thought i heard d'angelo "unh"
Posted by JohnnyM_21, Wed Jan-28-09 09:00 PM
The very beginning sounds like a rough cut of Common's "A Film Called PIMP"