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182194, The concept is killin
Posted by prezzdogg, Tue Jan-27-09 09:38 AM
The Roots Onboard For Red Bull Soundclash
January 08, 2009 - Branding

By Kamau High, N.Y.

The Roots, who were recently named the house band for Jimmy Fallon's upcoming talk show on NBC, "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," will perform at a Red Bull sponsored event at the end of January.

The show, on Jan. 29 at the Roxy in Boston, is billed as the Red Bull Soundclash. Red Bull, an energy drink maker, has previously put on Soundclashes in Japan, Russia, Hungary and L.A.

The Red Bull Sound Soundclash is modeled on the Jamaican tradition of two rival DJs playing music in front of an audience. For the Boston event, Antibalas will serve as the other band the Roots will do battle with in a series of four rounds of competition for audience favor.