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Topic subjectRE: January 29th... in Boston... @ The Roxy!!!
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182021, RE: January 29th... in Boston... @ The Roxy!!!
Posted by cfinnerty, Thu Jan-15-09 07:20 PM
ooh good thing it's 21+, great...

I agree w the OP, I saw them last year w/ badu and at NE and they were both shortened sets. I'd love nothing more than to see a full roots set, but seems like this won't go down for a while.

as for the boston scene, you just gotta look deeper. krs one played a few shows this summer(including a free one). Check out the middle east, they have a lot of underground artists (mr. lif, immortal tech, ra the rugged man etc) and it's really small / up close and personal. oh & at least we got rock the bells close enough to boston, surprised nobody mentioned that