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181753, RE: c'man man
Posted by riddles, Wed Dec-31-08 12:50 AM

I am up in Portsmouth, NH, so yes, it was feeling like Siberia for a while there. I appreciate your positive vibes and ideas. I have indeed been to the Middle East and saw Mike Relm rock it down. However, my overall gripe is with regard to national touring acts (as referenced in my original posting) not coming to Boston. And with that you cannot argue. I can appreciate that there is a local Boston hip hop scene and I am trying to get wise to that. But with NYC so close, I remain drop jawed at how many Dave Matthews type bands roll through here day after day and yet there never seems to be any big name (i.e. nationally known) hip hop acts. Hence, my excitement and then massive disappointment with The Roots.

Thanks for the heads up on Ughh, Reks and Termanology.

Much respect.