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Topic subjectRE: WTF happened to Bilal???
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181621, RE: WTF happened to Bilal???
Posted by Coco la chapelle, Mon Dec-22-08 11:51 AM
I saw him twice this year, each time he came to talk, take pictures ect at the end of the show. I could be wrong but I don't think he's on drug (In any case he wasnt those nights)

He's going to sing at redcat (Houston) tonight with The Experiment, there're going to be some dates in NYC too

If you want to know where he's gonna play you better check his musician's myspace : Robert Glasper,Tone whitfield, Steve Mckie, he also plays with Pete Kuzma and Chris Dave (so check them too).

I don't know about the new album since he was (maybe he's still) on trial with is label. But I know for sure that he has been playing new songs lately.