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Topic subjectSorry if I have missed this big time but Jimmy Fallon...
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181226, Sorry if I have missed this big time but Jimmy Fallon...
Posted by Ranga, Mon Dec-08-08 03:00 PM
Is this true - I cannot find any posts about it but I don't understand why?
181229, RE: Sorry if I have missed this big time but Jimmy Fallon...
Posted by Scope, Mon Dec-08-08 03:12 PM
i just came in here to ask the same question myself

i really hope this isnt true for so very many reasons

181231, Let me get this out of the way...
Posted by Scope, Mon Dec-08-08 03:58 PM
...since I know how conversations usually go on here.

Tipping Point and Things Fall Apart are two of my top albums of all time. Phren, DYWM, and Organix aren't on my GOAT list, but they're damn good too. Additonally, I've seen the Roots live more times than I can count and many of those shows rank among the best concert experiences of my life.

The Roots could never do anything else again and they've already given a ton to me and other fans. Geffen dropped the ball horribly on Tipping Point and they've never gotten their due, so I'm glad to see them get cash and attention even when I am not necessarily thrilled with the reasons behind it.

That being said, the last two albums were way sub par and felt rushed. I hope they got paid, but I found the songs disappointing. It's also going to be disappointing if they stop touring to be Jimmy Fallon's house band. Not only will I miss seeing their live shows, but I also can't imagine anything cool or creative coming out of any project attached to Jimmy Fallon. This is not like when The Roots and others appeared on Chapelle's Show. Dave is a genius and let the bands on his show play their music and participate in some funny sketches. Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, has never done anything good or remotely funny. I can't imagine anything good will come out of this partnership from a longtime fan's perspective (hell, even if he let them play good stuff on the show and they did hilarious skits it would be hard to imagine any tv show being worth losing out on all future tours).

Like I said though, good for them if this means they finally make serious bank and get wider exposure. I just hope that they find a way to still do some touring if this rumor is true*.

*I didn't see the video that spawned this rumor, but I'm assuming it's true because of the silence on the boards re: this subject
181232, I'm glad you're as distraught as I am
Posted by Ranga, Mon Dec-08-08 04:07 PM
I love the Roots and good for them but I'm in shock.

The silence has activated my conspiracy alarm.
181235, RE: I'm glad you're as distraught as I am
Posted by Scope, Mon Dec-08-08 04:36 PM
yeah the silence is def speaking volumes here

and i find it hard to believe that posts weren't excised if gawker posted on this back in mid november

im not even sure how i didnt find out about this until now
181238, RE: I'm glad you're as distraught as I am
Posted by The Big ED, Mon Dec-08-08 05:39 PM
Yeah its true. All the posts about it were up about three weeks ago.
181239, jeez
Posted by Scope, Mon Dec-08-08 05:45 PM
wonder why they had to take them down

must be some legal shit with nbc...


181242, patience, grasshopper
Posted by pidgwillot, Mon Dec-08-08 08:31 PM
all will be explained soon, I'm sure.
Don't worry, albums will still be made and shows will still be played.
181261, RE: patience, grasshopper
Posted by Scope, Tue Dec-09-08 11:37 AM
i hope you're right

i saw ?uest is already in here talking about a second picnic so sounds like you do know what youre talking about

im SURE fallons show will suck (especially after seeing the first "webisode"), but i have 0 problem seeing the roots gain from it if it doesnt mean they have to stop making music

im bet they will stop touring and recording one day for personal reasons, but to see them stop for this would be a shame...

would love to see donnell rawlings do a late night show with the roots as house band. if this was him or conan or any good comic id be looking forward to it and expecting greatness.

i just cant imagine anything funny or good being associated with jimmy fallon

181265, RE: patience, grasshopper
Posted by makaveli, Tue Dec-09-08 12:25 PM
i for one am happy for the roots that they get to have a set job like this in one place. i'm sure it will be better for their personal lives. it might even make their live shows more special when they do happen. that being said, i hope they still make albums.
181276, RE: patience, grasshopper
Posted by Hiquanji, Tue Dec-09-08 01:27 PM
I stumbled upon the Roots after they opened for Dave Matthews back in the TFA days. I immediately bought TFA and their previous albums, fell in love with the sound and creativity of a live hip hop band. The Roots gave me Okayplayer and opened my ears to the sounds of Common, Talib, LB, and countless other unique artists whom I became a fan of. They also have performed some of the top live shows I have been lucky enough to attend, maintaining that level of consistent performance while touring on a ridiculous schedule which included the majority of the past 10 years...all while coming up with time to create album after album of their own creative material which they poured their sound into. The rest is long overdue, glad they can find a stable period to enjoy their lives from the comforts of a place they can call home. I look forward to what this time will produce from an album standpoint, the Roots band moves in a new direction but the soul will remain the same. Thank you Roots band members (past and present) hope I get a chance to catch to catch the final show of the decade+ long tour.
181278, wow...
Posted by Ranga, Tue Dec-09-08 02:12 PM
181307, congrats guys!
Posted by msbadu2003, Wed Dec-10-08 12:46 AM
this is a real good look!
181334, but why Jimmy Fallon???
Posted by Goose, Thu Dec-11-08 11:39 AM
i wish dave would do a late night talk show and then the roots would be his band, that would make sense, but jimmy fallon? i dont see the connection
181338, RE: but why Jimmy Fallon???
Posted by makaveli, Thu Dec-11-08 01:21 PM
how about money and stability?
182196, RE: but why Jimmy Fallon???
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Tue Jan-27-09 01:13 PM
Because Jimmy Fallon hsa a show, duh? You could conjure up your dream scenario but they had to evaluate the very real opportunity that was in front of them. And opportunities like this don't come often.

Fallon was a good weekend update host and now I think he is infinitely cooler than I previously thought because of his interest in the roots.

If at the end of the day it doesn't work , they can leave.

Give it a chance and don't be so closed minded folks.

"See he's organized, and he's on the ball. Never miss a day of school,and he's a underdog. Wanna learn more and more, cuz his mama taught him good. He's about to change the face of yo ghetto neighborhood." (c) Badu