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Topic subjectD'Angelo
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179441, D'Angelo
Posted by jamiem762000, Tue Oct-07-08 12:39 AM
does anyone know if D'Angelo is planing on touring again
179443, no we don't n/m
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Tue Oct-07-08 04:56 AM
we know as much as you! just keep checking here for updates but no one know anything except for the people in his camp...and they don't share sowww...in the mean time enjoy this http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=rqTXusdlOLk
179475, RE: no we don't n/m
Posted by alisha-world, Tue Oct-07-08 09:55 PM
The DVD from Brazil is pretty good i'm feeling good and in another way sad by watching it... I really miss his music !
Even more the 90's songs and perfomance !


I liked it smooth, right and natural
179530, RE: no we don't n/m
Posted by Jaleel, Thu Oct-09-08 10:58 AM
If you go to his myspace page there's actually a new song up of his... I was told her had a new album dropping next year... Can't believe it's been almost 9 years!
179586, RE: no we don't n/m
Posted by Blany, Sat Oct-11-08 08:09 AM
alisha-world, where's the Brazil DVD from?