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Topic subjectThe Roots in Minneapolis/St. Paul?!?!?!??!
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179211, The Roots in Minneapolis/St. Paul?!?!?!??!
Posted by PungeePyPy, Sun Sep-28-08 10:03 AM
man, yall gotta do a better job of promoting that shit.

Yes, I am mad.

I'm not even gonna get on the "I have followed the Roots for xxxx years and xxxxxxxx shows and blah blah" soapbox. I'm mad for the rest of the population that I didn't get a chance to convince into seeing The Roots for the first time.

I live here now, I should be privy to all this information. AND 15 spun downtown?? what the hell is wrong with this world... yall cant tell nobody?!

Next time yall come through, promotion needs to step their shit up!

*Melle Mel "roaaar!*