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Topic subjectHow do The Roots feel about the "co-headline"??
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178968, How do The Roots feel about the "co-headline"??
Posted by AK06, Fri Sep-19-08 04:34 AM
Being in the game for SOOOO long, having a pretty flawless catelogue, one of the best live acts in music period and now they have to share the prime time spot with some newbies.

Ive got nothing against Gym Class heroes, but they need to earn the headline.

Fuck it must be frustrating to put in that amount of work for that amount of, time receive internal industry respect and critical recognition but still feel shunned by the record purchasing public.

The Roots opening for Gym Class Heroes sounds like a joke to me. The Roots opened for the Beastie Boys and De La Soul (I think) way back when and now they have to share their stage with these folk.

Makes me a little sad....