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Topic subjectWill The Roots ever do a show in Africa?
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178906, Will The Roots ever do a show in Africa?
Posted by Biko Reborn, Tue Sep-16-08 06:35 AM
Let me first greet everyone here on this forum, this is my first post and I registered hoping to hear from The Roots and managemement about whether they can will ever perform in Africa.

I am sure this question has been asked before, but kindly enlighten me.

I am in South Africa, which has a fast growing hip hop culture. My love with The Roots is from way back, but that is not the point. Two years ago, there was meant to be a Roots show in SA, but is was cancelled.

Is there any chance of an African Tour or should we wait till the Roots are at the twilight of their career to see them. That seems to be the case with us unfortunately. Next month I am going to a festival where Maxwell is scheduled to perform. Why cant we get Anthony Hamilton or Dwele, and why didnt we get Maxwell when he was churning out records?

I dont think its a money issue, you have lots of international artists coming to SA. John Legend was here last year, Rahsaan Patterson, Musiq Soulchild and Kelly Rowlands in June/July this year.