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Topic subjectHUH? Just bought my Roots & GCH ticket but.....
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178737, HUH? Just bought my Roots & GCH ticket but.....
Posted by quikfit, Tue Sep-09-08 01:38 PM
Always gotta go when The Legendary comes to Toronto, so just grabbed my ticket at Ticketmaster. When I looked at it though, I saw:

GYM CLASS HEROES (large-font-headliner-size)
AND THE ROOTS (small-font-opener-size)

When the girl was looking it up in the computer she couldn't find it under The Roots, I had to give her the venue and she said, "Oh, looks like it's because they're not headlining". Now clearly I'm not taking her word as gospel, but from the computer system, and the ticket, is it safe to say that The Roots are indeed not closing out these shows?