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Topic subjectRoots Video: New American Music Union....whatever that is.
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178693, Roots Video: New American Music Union....whatever that is.
Posted by Paranoid Android, Sat Sep-06-08 03:43 PM
if posted aleady, forgiveness please.

178694, can someone rip this?
Posted by krayzeeboi38, Sat Sep-06-08 03:57 PM
thanks for this!
178697, YO! YO! YO!, brilliant! I'm buggin!
Posted by tonywashington, Sun Sep-07-08 09:09 AM
Every time I think I have heard it all. These cats surprise me.

ill entrance
ill version of Rising Down
ill blazer. ha!
178701, hell yes!
Posted by gravity508, Sun Sep-07-08 06:06 PM
This is exactly what I needed today! Thanks for posting this..now can someone rip this so I can add it to my ipod?

The entrance....smooth
The blazer....thought gets it in

im anticipating the show in bmore in oct