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Topic subjectrappers and their bands
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178651, rappers and their bands
Posted by mr merrick blvd, Thu Sep-04-08 03:20 PM
i was doing my normal hip-hop blog search to kill some of my workday.
came across young jeezy and a live band performing on jimmy kimmel, the game had his live band on that same kimmel stage,

nas rocked with a live band @ RTB's (which was ill).

lupe has a band, kanye has a *ucking orchestra.

we all know the roots perfected the live hip hop music experience, but do you think some of these rappers are fans of the roots live shows? dare i say they are inspired...you think they consult the roots camp for pointers? personal? etc...

(i know lupe toured with the roots, he even laced the group with the occasional tambourine solo and i know about hov unplugged msg retirement show/ ?esto music director stuff)

i wonder