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178709, Higher
Posted by zionites16, Mon Sep-08-08 01:44 PM
>D'Angelo working 'with his own kind' is what i want to hear,
>at least 1 time.

This song "Higher", on Brown Sugar is by far the most gospel influenced song he has on his 2 albums, and it was recorded and written "with his own kind" if I remember correctly.

Still not sure why and where you are going with this argument, or random request of some sort, like D' needs a black bass player to give his music more credibility, but the fact of the matter is it's not a matter of color or race, but who plays the best, who's style appeals to the particular song/track, and that's why D' hand picks the best players to be on his shit, kinda like Steely Dan did. D'angelo doesn't have a "band" he uses on his recording, he has a damn camp, family if you will...and quite frankly I don't think the cats you mentioned can hold a candle to Pino, or Charlie Hunter, or Saadiq and D'angelo for that matter.