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Topic subjectRE: reference point for the drums? no Questlove diss!
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178650, RE: reference point for the drums? no Questlove diss!
Posted by rainbowchild, Thu Sep-04-08 02:43 PM
I love how the whole thing comes together Khimes, not the individuals parts.

You have to note that Kim Burell's song 'Have Faith In Me' has legs to stand on it's own.

It doesn't need overzealous, gospel playing musicians (not said in a disrespectful manner). The song uplifts own it's own, without those guys, as the material is there first, the playing is the icing on the cake. They didn't just meet up and come up with that song that day. That's a Kim Burell song they blacked out on, lol!

And nope, not a reference point for the drums, as no 2 drummers are alike *although* my preference would be a Bruner jr's drumming style & Justin Raines bass style (graceful) on a D'angelo record.

You could make the argument that these guys are vastly overplaying and that that sort've playing would never be allowed on someones record (liveshow, yes, on record, no) but you'd be missing the point.
D'Angelo working 'with his own kind' is what i want to hear, at least 1 time.

The charge is going to be held against D'Angelo though, as if 'the material ain't there' it really doesn't matter who he gets to play the parts. (Pino, Questlove, Poyser, Saadiq, etc)