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Topic subjectDoes he plays all the instruments on it?
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178603, Does he plays all the instruments on it?
Posted by Jrod Indigo, Tue Sep-02-08 10:51 PM
I'm sincerely hoping that you can answer this question for me (and I'm dying to know)....

Is that D playing everything else on that track (guitar and drums), or is that you playing drums? And what year did he actually put the track together. I heard that it came from the Brown Sugar sessions, but these recent mixes sounds a bit fresher. And is this really the original version as opposed to the version that's on the Space Jam soundtrack?

I ask all of this because I really loved the version that's been out since '96 and felt that it had mad potential and I'm thoroughly excited about this joint now becoming an official buzz single after all of these years. Please let know man! THANKS