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Topic subjectWell I wouldn't NEVER have thought bout' that!
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178572, Well I wouldn't NEVER have thought bout' that!
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Mon Sep-01-08 11:13 AM
D' playing that track! WOW trully a multi instrumentalist!

Yes Pino is in a league of his own! Thats for sure, I think my fav song with him on it is still Playa Playa, the way just totally doesn't play ANYTHING you'd expect makes that my fav track! with all the arpeggios and chords he plays, all Dilla style!...only Pino can do that shit!

I guess he was the first call fretless session guy everyone wanted, but still I know alot of songs with him playing fretless where he always know how to play "the song" but always get one of those "ohh it's Pino playing" licks! I think when a musicians has that much of an identity you can put him in a "list" (whatever list you like, don't wanna go into the "best musicians" or "yoda" like discussions).

So Quest, is there chance Pino is playing fretless on the new D' record? To make it sound more 80's LOL (nothing wrong with the 80's)