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Topic subjectouch that gotta hurt!
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178521, ouch that gotta hurt!
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Fri Aug-29-08 06:17 PM
Imagine THAT collabo...it would be...ok i'm not even gonna think bout that! Thanks for shedding the light!

It's hard not to get all hyped up on all this "positive" D' news cuz its been a while since anything positive could be found in a D' thread except for the "hey have you heard this" or "lets send D positive energie yall"!!! not that I'm against that at all, but mayne imo D' is one of the only cats still capable of dropping a solid soul record!!!

Man I can't wait till it drops and all those irky naysayers can finally stick it where the sun don't shine with all that crap about D! "Why he not released that album yet, he got arrested again he blabalabalalaaalbballaaaa", when it drops they like "I KNEW HIS NEW MUSIC WOULD BE GREAT" ending the sentence with "but i still prefer Brown Sugar, brings back the 90s and i don't get why he took such a long time to finish it" oh and offcource THE CLASSIC "He STILL mubles" hahaha

Anyway enough of that shit! lets just hope he's doing as good as we THINK/HEAR he's doing!