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Topic subjectD' found his smile again!
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178467, D' found his smile again!
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Thu Aug-28-08 06:26 PM

So when was this "remix or revamp" done? is that Ray Ray on the bass cuzz that sure don't sound like Pino!!??

Just thought I'd take it to the OKartist, but all credit goes to The Big Ed: http://board.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=5&topic_id=1830146&mesg_id=1830146&page=
178475, RE: D' found his smile again!
Posted by CRM, Thu Aug-28-08 08:28 PM
This is the original version. The "Space Jam" version is a remix, albeit slowed down.
178476, By the way, someone messaged me the other about D'Angelo and Lewis Taylor's version of "Damn"...
Posted by CRM, Thu Aug-28-08 08:31 PM
...this never happened. Sorry to disappoint...God knows I wish it had happened.

Lewis' and Daryl Hall's version of "She's Gone" is bloody amazing though.
178481, RE: By the way, someone messaged me the other about D'Angelo and Lewis Taylor's version of "Damn"...
Posted by CRM, Thu Aug-28-08 09:03 PM
Damn, I need to stay off the mojitos...

I meant to say about them doing a version of Lewis Taylor's "Damn".

Shame Lewis isn't into doing his own thing for the time being. I hear he's always recording stuff though.
178483, About time, because If it groove him, it'll groove us
Posted by rainbowchild, Thu Aug-28-08 09:10 PM
Sounds like they were rehearsing this to include it in their live set somewhere, but decided to forgo going through with it.
178493, Ok this isn't making any sense!
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Fri Aug-29-08 10:14 AM
D' and Lewis doing "Damn"?? Who'd you get the message from? Cuz he can forward it to me to!
178511, RE: Ok this isn't making any sense!
Posted by CRM, Fri Aug-29-08 02:35 PM
It's one of those rumours that's gone around for ages, about Lewis and D'Angelo recording a cover of "Damn" during the "Voodoo" sessions. It never happened. Lewis was in NY, put in a hotel and was meant to be invited in on the sessions. He got sick of waiting aroud and went back to London.
178512, RE: Ok this isn't making any sense!
Posted by The Big ED, Fri Aug-29-08 02:59 PM
Qoolquest shed a little more light on this in my thread in the lesson.

CRM are you Lewis Taylor?
178517, If only I was that talented...
Posted by CRM, Fri Aug-29-08 05:30 PM
...I'm afraid I'm not!
178518, RE: If only I was that talented...
Posted by The Big ED, Fri Aug-29-08 05:46 PM
Ha ha I had to ask cause you seem like your in the thick of things
178521, ouch that gotta hurt!
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Fri Aug-29-08 06:17 PM
Imagine THAT collabo...it would be...ok i'm not even gonna think bout that! Thanks for shedding the light!

It's hard not to get all hyped up on all this "positive" D' news cuz its been a while since anything positive could be found in a D' thread except for the "hey have you heard this" or "lets send D positive energie yall"!!! not that I'm against that at all, but mayne imo D' is one of the only cats still capable of dropping a solid soul record!!!

Man I can't wait till it drops and all those irky naysayers can finally stick it where the sun don't shine with all that crap about D! "Why he not released that album yet, he got arrested again he blabalabalalaaalbballaaaa", when it drops they like "I KNEW HIS NEW MUSIC WOULD BE GREAT" ending the sentence with "but i still prefer Brown Sugar, brings back the 90s and i don't get why he took such a long time to finish it" oh and offcource THE CLASSIC "He STILL mubles" hahaha

Anyway enough of that shit! lets just hope he's doing as good as we THINK/HEAR he's doing!
178522, RE: ouch that gotta hurt!
Posted by The Big ED, Fri Aug-29-08 06:25 PM
I couldn't agree with you more.

Everyone deep down inside knows this cat has the greatest potential of anyone
178602, umm anyway you'd share??
Posted by meechelle, Tue Sep-02-08 08:48 PM
178536, you think Pino couldn't have played the bass on here?
Posted by Ayatollah Watts, Sat Aug-30-08 03:10 PM
178541, well...
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Sun Aug-31-08 05:24 AM
MAYBE he is!? but giving the sound of the bass it sounds more like someone little bit more from the gospel scene kinda way!? Don't know, just don't sound like Pino playing that busy over track, esspecially not with the popping and slapping going on!
Could be Raphael since they we're working with each other then or maybe it's Will Lee!?
Don't know...we all know WHO KNOWS BEST!
178542, It sounds 'more blacker' & syncopated than Pino
Posted by rainbowchild, Sun Aug-31-08 06:17 AM
Maybe Adam Blackstone or Saadiq. Saadiq plays bass with a pop sort've feel, not gospel, but with a pop feel, for some reason.
178554, it gets no blacker than pino
Posted by qoolquest, Sun Aug-31-08 05:57 PM
do you understand that when NIGGAS co sign a near 50 year old white dude from of all places wales on bass that in itself is a statement that stretches out the further limits of the earth?


pino IS the standard for which i judge bass players.

the way i incorporate dilla's style in my drumming.

he does that for bass.


that is D on bass.
178559, c/s on the Pino... and DAMN THATS D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Ayatollah Watts, Sun Aug-31-08 08:12 PM
he musta been studing under Pino, or his lil thing he did w/ Stuart Zender rubbed off on'em.. OR, has he always been a good bassist and I'm just finding out.
178562, RE: c/s on the Pino... and DAMN THATS D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by CRM, Sun Aug-31-08 09:54 PM
He wouldn't have copped Pino's style...Pino is far more understated.

I used to hate Pino's playing...this was in the days of Paul Young...but since he sacked the fretless shit, you can't deny how bloody good he is. I hear that back in the days of sessions in the Paul Young days, he kind of got blacklisted by a lot of people for charging too much; at one point, he was quoting 1,500 for a session, a hell of a lot of money for those days.

Can't deny how good he is playing with John Mayer too.
178572, Well I wouldn't NEVER have thought bout' that!
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Mon Sep-01-08 11:13 AM
D' playing that track! WOW trully a multi instrumentalist!

Yes Pino is in a league of his own! Thats for sure, I think my fav song with him on it is still Playa Playa, the way just totally doesn't play ANYTHING you'd expect makes that my fav track! with all the arpeggios and chords he plays, all Dilla style!...only Pino can do that shit!

I guess he was the first call fretless session guy everyone wanted, but still I know alot of songs with him playing fretless where he always know how to play "the song" but always get one of those "ohh it's Pino playing" licks! I think when a musicians has that much of an identity you can put him in a "list" (whatever list you like, don't wanna go into the "best musicians" or "yoda" like discussions).

So Quest, is there chance Pino is playing fretless on the new D' record? To make it sound more 80's LOL (nothing wrong with the 80's)

178583, SCHOOLED!
Posted by biscuit, Mon Sep-01-08 09:20 PM
178603, Does he plays all the instruments on it?
Posted by Jrod Indigo, Tue Sep-02-08 10:51 PM
I'm sincerely hoping that you can answer this question for me (and I'm dying to know)....

Is that D playing everything else on that track (guitar and drums), or is that you playing drums? And what year did he actually put the track together. I heard that it came from the Brown Sugar sessions, but these recent mixes sounds a bit fresher. And is this really the original version as opposed to the version that's on the Space Jam soundtrack?

I ask all of this because I really loved the version that's been out since '96 and felt that it had mad potential and I'm thoroughly excited about this joint now becoming an official buzz single after all of these years. Please let know man! THANKS
178621, hopefully this will help shed light on rainbow.
Posted by zionites16, Wed Sep-03-08 02:27 PM
rainbow, you seem to be learning about the music more, but when you made those comments about pino, you really sounded lost, or just really unaware. thanks for going there questlove.
178696, damn
Posted by jest, Sun Sep-07-08 03:47 AM
>that is D on bass.
178556, I likes
Posted by rdhull, Sun Aug-31-08 06:35 PM
178557, I think i passed D on the beltway today
Posted by rainbowchild, Sun Aug-31-08 06:53 PM
Going in the opposite direction. He was coming across the Woodrow Wilson into Md, i was going into Va, Alexandria to worship. One of those nice Winnebago's, pulling a black H2. Might not of been him.

I think it was Miles Davis that said he could tell the difference between a black horn player & a white one, just by listening to it over the radio, lol.

No disrespect.
178560, if he has a hide out this close in MD i'ma be hurt.
Posted by Ayatollah Watts, Sun Aug-31-08 08:27 PM
I coulda been a fly on the wall at one of his recordings and not even known it.
178563, Pino's Bass is like 3 Grand
Posted by rainbowchild, Sun Aug-31-08 10:30 PM
I wonder do they sell many of them? That's the best P bass that i've ever held.

I traded in my Warwick thumb n/t and my Pedulla Rapture 5 J2 (Guitar Center only gave me $1500.00 for both)for an 08 American Fender Deluxe Jazz 5 string.

The Warwick was neck heavy and the Pedulla was only a 2 band eq. The Fender Jazz has all the tones in it that i'll ever need.
178581, am I missing something, this an old ass track, with some shit pucnhed in
Posted by _MauriceMichaels_, Mon Sep-01-08 08:38 PM
So why the big deal. Nice INtro, the rest is blah.
178627, Zionites16
Posted by rainbowchild, Wed Sep-03-08 02:58 PM

^ This is what i'm talking about. Not someone 'that sounds close to a black person' but this is the type of 'musicianship' that i would die to hear sit on a D'Angelo album.

That buddy buddy stuff is mad cool & all dat, but this is a business. You have to put those relationships aside and do what's best for your career.

I would love to see D'Angelo cohabitate with those type of cats on that clip above.

Oh, that's a Kim Burell song called 'Have Faith In Me' which they utterly killed!
178646, reference point for the drums?
Posted by khimes, Thu Sep-04-08 12:47 PM
178650, RE: reference point for the drums? no Questlove diss!
Posted by rainbowchild, Thu Sep-04-08 02:43 PM
I love how the whole thing comes together Khimes, not the individuals parts.

You have to note that Kim Burell's song 'Have Faith In Me' has legs to stand on it's own.

It doesn't need overzealous, gospel playing musicians (not said in a disrespectful manner). The song uplifts own it's own, without those guys, as the material is there first, the playing is the icing on the cake. They didn't just meet up and come up with that song that day. That's a Kim Burell song they blacked out on, lol!

And nope, not a reference point for the drums, as no 2 drummers are alike *although* my preference would be a Bruner jr's drumming style & Justin Raines bass style (graceful) on a D'angelo record.

You could make the argument that these guys are vastly overplaying and that that sort've playing would never be allowed on someones record (liveshow, yes, on record, no) but you'd be missing the point.
D'Angelo working 'with his own kind' is what i want to hear, at least 1 time.

The charge is going to be held against D'Angelo though, as if 'the material ain't there' it really doesn't matter who he gets to play the parts. (Pino, Questlove, Poyser, Saadiq, etc)
178654, uh sorry
Posted by khimes, Thu Sep-04-08 10:15 PM
I meant the reference point for ?uesto's drumming on this here version of "...Smile..."
178658, Is 'Smile' and original d'angelo song, or a cover?
Posted by rainbowchild, Fri Sep-05-08 04:28 AM
Something sounds very familiar about it, i don't know what it is.

I loved the 'Space Jam' version.

Any new D'Angelo back then could do no wrong though, as D'Angelo went on a tear in r&b music.

I look at his peers from the 'U Will Know' era & the majority of them have come & gone.

178676, forget the new old joint
Posted by johnny kwest, Fri Sep-05-08 04:07 PM
...i'm still waiting for someone to inbox me that '1000 deaths' joint.
178709, Higher
Posted by zionites16, Mon Sep-08-08 01:44 PM
>D'Angelo working 'with his own kind' is what i want to hear,
>at least 1 time.

This song "Higher", on Brown Sugar is by far the most gospel influenced song he has on his 2 albums, and it was recorded and written "with his own kind" if I remember correctly.

Still not sure why and where you are going with this argument, or random request of some sort, like D' needs a black bass player to give his music more credibility, but the fact of the matter is it's not a matter of color or race, but who plays the best, who's style appeals to the particular song/track, and that's why D' hand picks the best players to be on his shit, kinda like Steely Dan did. D'angelo doesn't have a "band" he uses on his recording, he has a damn camp, family if you will...and quite frankly I don't think the cats you mentioned can hold a candle to Pino, or Charlie Hunter, or Saadiq and D'angelo for that matter.

178717, You've (we've) turned this into a race relations thing
Posted by rainbowchild, Mon Sep-08-08 04:46 PM
I might've unintentionally pushed it there, sorry!

You are evidently caucasian and have taken offense to the black boy gospel thing. (sorry!) You will say you're not offended or respond back 6 weeks from now. (it's all good, i know your a busy man & everything)

Just for the record, i'm certain that their are some bad caucasian gospel cats out there, as no 1 race has monoply over 'notes'.

We'll just have to wait & see how the whole project turns out.
178722, it's all about "Heaven Must Be Like This"
Posted by prophet j, Mon Sep-08-08 11:59 PM
shit is cool as hell

- - - - -


peace & love