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Topic subjectRE: Mos Def album news???
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178480, RE: Mos Def album news???
Posted by NotThinkSo, Thu Aug-28-08 08:51 PM
>Anybody know if Mos is working on a new album? Ive been
>bumping True Magic for a while now...

I feel ya. This is from Wikipedia:

<2008[br />
In recent shows Mos Def has played new songs from his album said to be named "The Ecstatic." He has shown crowds tracks produced by Madlib and has rumored to be going to Kanye West for new material. The album is said to be released in April 2008; producer and fellow Def Poet Al Be Back has revealed that he would be producing as well, and that Mos is "four or five records in" to the album. In April Mos appeared on the title track for a new album by The Roots entitled Rising Down.]

I heard it's actually supposed to be released Fall of 08 though. The thought of Mos over Kanye production is enough to make me salivate, especially after seen the quality of "Be", "Finding Forever" and some of the tracks off of "Eardrum". It's about time Mos!