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Topic subjectDear Okayplayer.
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178348, Dear Okayplayer.
Posted by , Tue Aug-26-08 04:37 PM

i hope you plan to push and promote actual OkayArtists
as much as youre pushing solange.
especially considering she has nothing to do with the site, really.

i usually dont get emails alerting me to when OkayArtists are droppin somethin new
(then again, usually i know already, but lord knows i cant keep up with everything)
so to see an email from OKP about solange?

id like to see the same energy go into The Roots projects
chrisette michele
leela (when she drops somethin, dammit)
mos and kweli an 'em
hell. i dont think erykah got this much of a push from this site.
and she supposedly has 2 other projects comin out.

i mean, yall do you
you know ima support for the most part anyways
but lets save all the hyping and promotion for actual Artists that are on this site
or at least for someone doing something original.

if you cant take anything else from this
please learn not to overexpose an artist early in the game.
go hard to promote what you love
but not TOO hard.

sorry for the bitching
but theres some honest feedback to be found in this.

With love and respect,