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Posted by Lyterall, Mon Sep-01-08 05:33 PM
Kanye, Tek, and Dilla on the beats!!????!?!? That would be something very serious. But, i've learned to not get my hopes up. But, it will be pretty dope if it turns out that way. Would really like to hear Mos over some Dilla stuff though. Only thing i can recall is the joint he did on the 1st Bilal album w/ Common and "Little Brother" w/ Talib Kweli. But yeah, cant wait to hear the new stuff. And after listening to it about 6 or 7 times, i've decided that True Magic isnt that BAD. U R The One is defently my favorite track and i love what he did over that "Liquid Swords" beat, he f#cking killed it.

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