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178267, RE: how was it? n/m
Posted by Jeremywww, Mon Aug-25-08 11:20 AM
I have seen Common about 7-8 times now and this was tied for the best show. Did a lot off FF and a couple new joints as well. It wasn't super crowded so we were able to get a spot pretty close up. The sound was incredible and both lyrics and beats sounded crisp as hell. The crowd was really feeling the show and everyone had their hands in the air.

One thing I would say was a negative is he did the same routine with bringing a girl up onstage. That ish was old the second time I saw it but I guess the majority of concertgoers at his shows are first timers.

Also saw Saul Williams that is the first time I had heard him man that dude is OUT THERE but did have a few nice jams.

Heard Black Keys from afar they sounded real tight and saw a few songs of Kinky they were pretty cool some German-sounding electro-rock?

All in all it was a great time I have loved this show the last three years and it's FREE. Very diverse lineup and not super crowded. Bring the Roots back next year!