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Topic subjectThe Roots media clips in iPod and iPhone format (TV performances and movies)
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177910, The Roots media clips in iPod and iPhone format (TV performances and movies)
Posted by handle, Thu Aug-14-08 09:43 PM
Here's some clips I captured and saved in an iPhone compatible format. These should work on iPods also, or any computer with QuickTime software.

The Roots Perform on The Colbert Report. (17MB)

The entire VH1 Soul Stage show. (Still ahs commercials because I captured in a AVC format and ca't edit the original until I get new software.) (236MB)

http://www.therootsarchive.com/encoded/aug2008/2008_8_6_23_14_44_All Access.mp4
The Roots + Trey Anastasio + B.B. King (Audio is about .1 second out of sync, it came that way from the satellite.) (67MB)

The Roots perfrom on the Envirnomental Awards show. (37MB)

The Roots give tribute to Bono. (37MB)

The Roots perform Rising Up on Late Night With David Letterman (34MB)

The Roots perform Act Too (Love of My life) on Best of Bonaroo (28MB)

All recordings come from Dish Network -> 1080 component capture -> .TS file - >iPhone format with ArcSoft media Converter

The ones in HD (Letterman, Soul Stage, All Access) might make it up in HD format later.

If you download a file please UP this post by thanking me ☺