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Topic subjectTanya Morgan is a Favorite Rap Group.....
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176739, Tanya Morgan is a Favorite Rap Group.....
Posted by F O C U S, Mon Jul-14-08 12:09 PM
One my favorites now at least after the show Saturday night @ The El Rey.

I've seen a few of Von and Donwill's post here before and banners on the site, but for some reason I was never compelled to chekout their music, but the performance the guys gave Saturday night has officially gotten me off that prescription strength Ambien. I copped "The Bridge" after their performance and I've been bumping it ever since I left The El Rey. There was a mixtape that came with the T-shirt I bought also and went to import it into itunes this morning and realized I already had it but never even took the time out to listen to it.

I just wanted to post this to let anybody who plans on catching this tour know, although The Heiros killed it, you definitely should get to the venue early (they went on first @ The El Rey) and catch these dudes cause their show was the best performance of the night.