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Topic subjectExactly!
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173390, Exactly!
Posted by kid_charlemagne, Mon May-05-08 09:36 AM

>- the whole point about copping the physical version (at
>greater price and effort) is that it's supposed to have extra,
>not less than the digital release
>- i don't think anyone minds supporting; i think the objection
>is to being tricked into a situation where you have to cop
>twice to get what should have been in the physical release. if
>you cop again, you're saying "it's ok to do this"

I object to being short-changed because I actually went to the record store and bought my CD on release day. No way am I paying twice for any album - the liners should have been included with the physical album, godammnit!

Next Roots album, I'm tempted to cop the leak and wait to see how I get the best deal before buying, f*ck being a sucker again.