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173365, couple of points
Posted by ryc, Mon May-05-08 02:41 AM
firstly, the abundance of people with a similar attitude ('i don't mind copping again from itunes if it supports the band') is admirable

secondly, it's this dedication that makes the situation kinda not right. like i said in the other post, it can easily come across as a calculated move to use the 'digital revolution' to exploit the fanbase (rather than entrusting them as in the radiohead model)

like i said, i'm sure this is not what they're trying to do. von's blog said def jam didn't want to print the liner notes cos it would've cost extra money. ?uest was talking about politics being involved. i'm guessing that they wanted to release the liner notes (?uest said he was trying to figure out a way to get it to us right?) but def jam wanted to make it an itunes exclusive. if anyone's reading this, this is not a good move, because you risk alienating the very people who support you

other points
- not everyone wants to mess with itunes (on principle, and because prices are high on overseas itunes)

- the whole point about copping the physical version (at greater price and effort) is that it's supposed to have extra, not less than the digital release

- i don't think anyone minds supporting; i think the objection is to being tricked into a situation where you have to cop twice to get what should have been in the physical release. if you cop again, you're saying "it's ok to do this"

anyway, i don't even know why i'm writing all this