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Topic subjecti know some of you are on limited budgets
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173362, i know some of you are on limited budgets
Posted by jbenok, Mon May-05-08 12:41 AM
as am i...but perhaps you can justify buying another copy (only $9.99) on itunes as another way of supporting the band. i know, they still got more money than you, but we've read the posts with rich and brain.

i bought it on release at the store just like the rest of you, but i felt no regrets buying the album on itunes. as much as it sucks to give into the "digital revolution" as opposed to having the physical record or disc in your hands, the solution might just be to buy from both outlets. (so inbox requests, i'm not saying FOH or anything, but think about it?)

trust me, i'd rather use my radio credentials to get the album free from def jam. but hey, the roots are what brought me here in the first place.