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Topic subjectson, 2 augusts ago
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173091, son, 2 augusts ago
Posted by Vid Santoro, Fri May-02-08 10:28 AM
im like, yo jazzy fantasy shorty CANT outdo the hook to CWNH....i heard unwritten and im looking for a dustpan to scoop my jaw up off the floor

that whole speal on how the first/last 15 minutes are most important shit was no lie...pow wow - rising down - get busy had me stomping on the floor.

75 bars is my new web...im probably gonna dedicate muuuuuch time to learning that motherfucker.

criminal is my #1 being that this is the week i got word off the sean bell verdict disaster...this hits home really well. and the flow on saigon's verse totally makes up for the difference in subject matter. his aggression keeps the !!!!!! from the previous tracks going. this album hits and dont really let up much, and even when it does it still has alot of 3-d type contrast.

rising up is my shit, yo...nuff said.

im thinking about how i can get people to get this shit. i know im gonna buy more copies when i can afford it, but till then whats the best way to spread the word?