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172544, Favorites...
Posted by Epsilonpro, Tue Apr-29-08 10:06 AM
The Show- Beat is bangin'... every joint that has more than 1 BT verse is that shit lol.

Rising Up- This is gonna be my joint ALLLLL Summer.

Get Busy- Raw shit... classic post-TFA Roots type...

Lost Desire- When I hear Malik B, I'm reminded of how fuckin' ill dude is.

Von- I can't fuck with that first verse on "I Will Not Apologize". I cringe when I hear that shit lol... reminds me of some Lil Wayne shit. BT's third verse on that joint is live as fuck though.

Roots albums are wild though. Next week my list of favorites will be totally different. The only constants will be Rising Up and Get Busy.