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Topic subjectRE: I still don't understand the song "TWINKLE" what da heck is she
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169278, RE: I still don't understand the song "TWINKLE" what da heck is she
Posted by Sinistah aka 7Body Sin, Thu Mar-20-08 06:12 AM
>Really talkin about; what do she mean in the Chorus??
>I need a REAL/DETAIL breakdown

my first time quoting a post, so i hope this goes down right, but in the most simplistic of explanations, she just saying our lack of knowledge of orgin is the cause of our own limitation..... and the dialogue at the end confirms that.......

the last part of the chorus specifically struck me as being related to mysticism of religion........

i dont wanna get too deep, cause i comprehended every theme touched on this album without confusion, but to one with a little lesser understanding, the content can be "obscure" or "intricate" to understand.....

but honestly the reason i cant get into it right now is because time wont allow....... hopefully someone can add-on for you!