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Topic subjectRE: You talk as if WE have no control...
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168626, RE: You talk as if WE have no control...
Posted by True, Tue Mar-11-08 08:46 AM
>over what's played on the radio.
>I listen to all kinds of music, visit all kinds of
>messageboards, and these "commercial" artists have street
>teams and fans that actually call stations DAILY to get stuff
>played. I can copy and paste lists of radio stations all
>around the country.
>If we really wanted to, we could have this whole album played
>on the radio. It's enough members on OKP to change the
>direction of radio...only if we really wanted to.

-When ni66az turn into gods, walls come tumblin'

-They don't know their language, they don't know THEY'RE god. They take what they're given even when it feels odd.

Indeed, heads want change need to demand it. Where there is a demand there will be a supply because Amerykah is a opportunist capitalistic junkie