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Topic subjectRE: im kind of scared to listen to 'telephone'...
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168625, RE: im kind of scared to listen to 'telephone'...
Posted by True, Tue Mar-11-08 08:41 AM
>from what i read it reminds me
>of when my aunt was dying and she was talking to her parents
>my great grandparents
>no one was in the room
>but me and her
>it was the most special moment in my life
>but its sad as well
>see THIS is why i will
>ALWAYS love and support badu
>every album
>something it there is like
>she knew
>creativity is from God
>The Creator
>Thank you badu for being His vessel
>through that song i will never forget
>that moment
>my blessing

-When ni66az turn into gods, walls come tumblin'

-They don't know their language, they don't know THEY'RE god. They take what they're given even when it feels odd.

Yeah man, seems alot of these stories going around. When my grandfather passed he was speaking to alot of my family's ancestors from a tribe in Mozambique my family is descendants of.