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Topic subjectPiece of SHIT MESS!
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168099, Piece of SHIT MESS!
Posted by TATA_U, Tue Mar-04-08 03:39 PM
I had an opportunity to buy this CD bootleg for $3.00 and declined, because I donít do the bootleg thing... had I paid $3.00 for this album I would STILL be PISSED! and I paid full price so I am off the Richter scale PISSED!

This Latest Erykah Badu NEW AMERYKAH pt. 1 an artist self indulgent piece of chanting, meditation SHIT!

I love me some Erykah, but when an artist does something so far out the box, I feel RIPPED OFF... because I buy expecting one thing and to get some mess like this album...

I respect artistic expression... but DAME! If I wanted a psychedelic, eclectic funk meditation album I would have purchased that... When I buy an Erykah Badu album at the very lest I expect SOME DAME DRUMS (BASS) some simulation of R&B Soul...

I am just as done with Erykah Badu at this point... The next time I buy one of her albums at a real store, it will be listened to in advance... She no longer get the privilege of my money based on talent... she has to prove herself to me and only after I break even and by her next offering no matter how good bootleg...

Erykah Badu should be ashamed of herself to have ripped her buying public off like this!